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- This games deserve to get movie adaptation

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A good game to be a movie? Is not it wrong? Is not the majority of games that made the film bad? Not even bro. When worked very seriously, there are some video games that are very potential when used as a movie.

From us there must be disappointed with the quality of film adapted from movies like Resident Evil. For some gamers, they think that Resident Evil movie is like a joke.

Then in the past there was again the movie Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat who get less appreciation for being considered less good.

Making movies based on video games is very difficult. Moreover, the current game mayortias such as do not know the word finished so that the film makers seemed confused to determine the plot of the film.

Resident Evil in the game just did not graduate and even had a crisis of genre identity. Then how the story of the movie can be good? More or less so.

The only way for the game-based plot and movie to be successful, the directors must have to explore the other side of the game. Make a spin off also I think not too bad.

Now we forget the first failures of the director in making a movie that is based on video games. Because this time we will discuss about games that will potentially good when made the film.

A good game to be the first film is The Witcher series. Currently, who does not know one of the most phenomenal RPG in this next gen console era? If you do not know this game, it's too.

The game that tells the adventures of Geralt of Rivia is indeed extraordinary interesting. There is an incredible sensation when I personally play this game. Stories that continue to adrenaline and sometimes relaxed to give the sensation like watching a movie.

If I'm not mistaken, The Witcher is already the intention to make a movie on Netflix, but I personally think The Witcher is more suitable to be a box office trilogy movie like The Dark Knight series claimed by Christoper Nolan.

When used as a trilogy, perhaps in the first series will tell about the origin of Geralt, in the second series tells about Geralt conflict in the kingdom of Foltest, and the third Geralt search against Cirilla is targeted by Wild Hunt.

should you need list or options of gaming video card here

For dialogue, no need to bother because The Witcher itself is a game that is based on a very best-selling novel in Poland. But even if it comes from a video game, The Witcher may not be presented for all ages when it is filmed.

The story of The Evil Within is dark is very worthy to be filmed. However, if you want to make this game a movie, which should be lifted is the other side of this game itself. That's because it seems the game   Bethesda and Tangor Gameworks has not met the word end and seems to continue into the third series.

Perhaps the interested producers can take a story about one of the mysterious characters in this game, Leslie or other spin offs that can still be excavated.

The reason this game is interesting enough to be used as a movie other than because the story is dark, also because a lot of interesting actions that are very difficult to miss. In this game is also not much character like Resident Evil because in this game there are only a few central characters only.

The characters in this game also have great depth of behavior and properties. If this game really made a movie anyway I will definitely watch it. But before making this film, the director must learn from the failure of Silent Hill yes.

In terms of stories and characters, it may not be too much to put The Evil Within into one good game into a movie.

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